Few Tips To Avoid When Looking For A Henderson Eye Doctor

Few Tips To Avoid When Looking For A Henderson Eye Doctor

“I’ve always had an eye doctor who was efficient and very good at what he did. I went to him for my routine eye exam every year, but things have changed in the past few years. My Henderson eye doctor is no longer as neat and well groomed as he was when I saw him. There have been quite a few changes and I think this has something to do with the fact that he is older. He looks much older. And I think he has lost a bit of confidence because of it.”

John O’Connor Optometrists. “The Henderson Eye Center is run and owned by Pamela R. Henderson, MD, an optometrist. We always make sure the highest levels of patient care, with our customers’ needs being our first priority. We believe the best eye care should be available to all individuals, regardless of where they are.”

“I used to have an eye doctor who was younger than me, and I could tell from his demeanor that he wasn’t very concerned about my eye problems or eyeglasses. I felt safe going to his office because he took care of me. But now that I’ve had an eye test and learned that my eyesight is not the greatest, I’m afraid to go anywhere without him.”

“My eye doctor was replaced a few years ago by a man who loves vision. Now, he spends a lot of time with my patients and helps them map out a vision plan that will help improve their eyesight for the future. He’s become a trusted source for information.”

“We have always had a strong relationship with our Henderson eye doctor, whom we’ve referred to as Dr. Glass. But we’ve been more cautious recently concerning his prescribing for our elderly patients. He’s always done a good job, but we’ve hesitated to allow him to prescribe contact lenses for our elderly clients until he completes a study that he and his staff have agreed upon.”

“I’ve had several patients tell me they’ve had to cancel Henderson eye doctor visits because their eyes are too fatigued to see clearly. This is a problem that can be easily avoided with regular eye check-ups. And it’s not just vision health that will benefit from frequent checkups: improved eyesight can prevent glaucoma, cataracts, and other serious eye diseases.”

. “My husband has had eye problems most of his life, but our Henderson eye doctor has been meticulous in screening our patients for years. Last year, he and our team performed the Blue Cross Blue Shield Vision Screening System on our office floor. He immediately called me to tell me what had happened – a patient arrived with a low grade discharge and told me he needed glasses. Fortunately, our staff immediately took a sample of the discharge for testing at the regional laboratory.

Unfortunately, our Henderson eye doctor was not available last week to instruct our office about this testing because he was traveling back home for vacation. I was very glad that he called me back because the results were very encouraging. The patient tested negative for cataracts and was diagnosed with strabismus, a condition that causes the eye to tilt to one side when looking straight ahead. Because this condition can cause severe eye strain, the test could not be completed quickly enough to prevent additional problems for the patient, and he was advised to wear contacts for the rest of his life to reduce his daily eye strain and to retain his good eye health.”