Choosing The Best Among The Ordinary Henderson Eye Doctors

Choosing The Best Among The Ordinary Henderson Eye Doctors

John O’Connor Optometrists who specialize in treating problems with the eyes, or disorders of the eye are called optometrists. In general, one can find a number of optometrists in a certain city or area. It is important that you know which optometrist to get your eye exams from in order to get the best service. Here are a few things to look for when choosing an optometrist:

o Find out what services are offered. Some Henderson eye doctors offer comprehensive eye exams, while others will just focus on cataract surgery or some other specialty. Before choosing which optometrist to go to, find out how many eye exams will be done during a yearly rotation. If there are several different specialists in the area, it may be better to choose one of them for yearly eye exams.

o Contact lenses and glasses cannot be used at the same time. Some people buy contact lenses for cosmetic reasons, while others have to wear glasses for vision correction. Of course, it is impossible to optometrist who will give prescription eyeglasses. However, there are contact lens-related optometrist that provide prescription eyeglasses as well. For example, there are some Henderson eye doctors who are expert in prescribing contact lenses for those with severe astigmatism.

o Ask about lenses-related services. If a Henderson eye doctor does not offer contact lens prescriptions, it is time to find another one. You will need to be very careful to make sure that your optometrist is offering only the most advanced vision correction techniques.

o Get a complete medical exam. A complete eye exam is the first step to determining whether you need glasses or contact lens. A qualified optometrist will check for eye disorders such as glaucoma and cataracts. A thorough eye examination also detects parasites and other diseases that can affect your vision.

o Get measured for glasses or contacts. John O’Connor Optometrists use specialized measuring devices to determine your optical strength. Your optometrist may need to obtain your measurements at several places before he can conclude your eye health. You should allow your optometrist to measure your eyes at all ages, if necessary. Your eyes may be sensitive to changes in your environment.

o Have your eye exam and results sent to you. Some eye care specialists offer online ordering of your eye exam and results. However, you should always make sure that your optometrist is providing you with a service that is confidential. If your optometrist does not offer this option, consider other eye care doctors. Some optometrists may send printed materials that can explain in detail what your eye exam reveals.

o Ask questions. Do not be afraid to ask questions to your optometrist. Most Henderson eye doctors can explain details of what they are doing to your eyesight. They can also explain the risks and benefits of certain treatments, which may be more appropriate for your needs.

o Ask for a referral. Your optometrist may be able to recommend to you other providers of vision care. He or she might be able to refer you to a vision care specialist, or ophthalmologist. The optometrist’s staff might be able to give you contact lenses or prescription glasses. Other providers can help treat eye diseases or correct vision problems you have.

o Understand your optometrist’s fees. Some Henderson eye doctors charge their patients an annual registration fee, a portion of which will go to cover the professional’s expenses and miscellaneous fees. Some charges are waived or reduced. Also, you will usually be required to pay a small co-pay for any type of vision examination or treatment.

o Ask questions. Do not feel pressured to accept any recommendations your optometrist makes. Remember that your optometrist is there to care for your eyes only. Ask him or her about the usual office hours and what appointments are generally available. Know what to expect from the office and tell your optometrist if you have any medical conditions that need to be addressed before your appointment.

o Go in prepared. Bring your own sunglasses and protective gear, and be sure to bring the proper identification. Most Henderson eye doctors do not perform vision exams on clients who are not qualified. Do not sign waivers or consent to vision tests or treatments until your eye doctor is confident that you are a good candidate for corrective eye surgery and you understand the nature of your examination.